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September brings cooler weather in the midwest and more time for needlework. Hand quilting, english paper piecing, embroidery and  sashiko are a some of our favorites. 

Sashiko, is a type of needlework that originated in Japan as a useful stitch to reinforce or repair fabrics. A simple running stitch using a cotton thread and geometric designs is the key to this beautiful needlework.  Historically, an indigo fabric with white cotton thread was used for sashiko.  

While the traditional blue fabric with white sashiko thread continues to be a favorite, consumers can now purchase many colors of sashiko cotton thread and base fabrics vary.   

If you are interested in learning the art sashiko needlework, sign up for a  3 hour class at Affinity For Quilts.  We look forward to sharing our love of this craft with you!


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