A New Year Equals New Projects!

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Welcome to What's Up Wednesday!   

It's officially 2024, marking the debut of the year's inaugural newsletter. As we move past the holiday season and embrace the winter season, it's an ideal moment to embark on a fresh quilting project. What's yours going to be?

Reflecting on my New Year's aspirations, I realized my tendency to struggle with resolutions. Instead, I pondered the idea of a New Year's goal. Upon closer examination, I found that resolutions and goals aren't vastly dissimilar. Essentially, resolutions serve as the overarching intentions or guiding themes for personal change or enhancement, while goals represent the specific, measurable milestones within that broader framework. Resolutions offer a compass for establishing and attaining goals, while goals, in turn, contribute to the fulfillment of those broader resolutions.  So what are your quilting resolutions, or goals, for 2024?  

One of my goals is to thoroughly enjoy my new Featherweight. That is correct—Santa Wade gifted me a Featherweight for Christmas! Now, I am looking forward to having a blast with everyone who joins the Featherweight Club. Our first meeting is set for January 19th, and I've already lined up an exciting activity for the Club. Do not forget to explore the Classes and Events section of the newsletter for all the specifics about the Club.

Has your rotary blade become dull from all the holiday sewing? If it has, drop by Affinity For Quilts on Monday, January 8th, for Freebie Monday. With a pre-tax purchase of $25.00 or more, you'll receive a fresh, brand new 45mm rotary blade.

The French translation for "meow" is "merci"! Parisian Cats by Michael Miller Fabrics is an ideal choice for a cat enthusiast who loves exploring the world. Come along with these amiable felines as they wander the streets of Paris, leaving paw prints along the way, all the while admiring the Eiffel Tower.

Step into a forest of adorable creatures with Winsome Critters, designed by Deane Beesley Designs for Wilmington Prints. This captivating array showcases charming bears, cunning foxes, and wise owls set against a soothing blend of blues, greens, and whites, perfectly complementing any nature-inspired project you have in mind.

If you are unable to locate a specific item you're in search of, please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of our dedicated Affinity For Quilts team.  We're committed to going the extra mile to source it for you.  While our aim is to stock a comprehensive selection of products to fulfill your quilting needs, there are occasions when certain items may need a special order. 

I'm not certain how many of you actually scroll all the way down to the bottom of our newsletter each week, but if you don't, you might be missing out on some exciting happenings in the quilting realm. This section is where we feature our Upcoming Quilt Shows, keeping everyone informed about what's on the horizon.

Speaking of which, if you're seeking something enjoyable to do on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, take a look at the quilt show happening in Red Wing, MN, organized by Plum Creek Quilters. You'll find comprehensive details at the conclusion of this newsletter under the Upcoming Quilt Shows section.

Classroom Space
If your group is looking for a place to meet, please contact Affinity For Quilts at 651-429-1039.  Evening meeting space is available, but please note that there will be a fee associated with evening meetings.  

Recurring Store Specials
  • Double Punch Tuesday: Every 1st Tuesday of the month.
  • Freebie Monday: Every 2nd Monday of the month.
  • FQ Wednesday:  Every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Buy 6 Get 7th Free.
  • Sale Wall Friday:  Every 4th Friday of the month. Take an extra 10% off all Sale Wall Fabrics. 

Winter Weather Notifications

  1. A Facebook post will be added to our page with details of the closure.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to everyone who is a current subscriber to the What's Up Wednesday newsletter.
  3. The website calendar will be updated with a note stating "Closed due to the weather"
  4. If the weather is bad and you are unsure if the shop is open please call before heading out.  If no one answers the phone and it is between the hours of 9am-5pm then we are most likely closed.  

Sewing Machine Service
Is your sewing machine in need of tune-up or repair?  If so, Jordan is on-site to assist you with all of your machine needs.  When bringing your machine in for service, please remember to include the sewing machine, foot control, power cord, standard zig-zag foot (if your machine sews a zig zag stitch), bobbin case, bobbin and thread.  You can reach Jordan directly at  612-275-3356 to speak to him directly or to schedule an appointment. He is currently offering curbside pickup and delivery for your convenience.

The Quilting For Affinity Group
Share your finished projects!  Join the "Quilting For Affinity" Facebook group to share your work and be inspired by others. Just click 
, and you will be redirected to the Facebook group.  Select 'join group' and you will be added.  It's that easy!  
Tip of the Week!  Thank you Karen M, for this weeks tip.  It has happened to everyone at one time or another - sewing a seam or several blocks incorrectly. The next time that happens to a friend at a retreat, take some time to put your project aside and help your friend take out the seams. I believe a friend will help you move; a best friend will help you rip! Your friend will appreciate the help and you'll return to your project with fresh eyes and a good feeling for doing a kind deed for another.   

On a side note, most organizers, and retreat helpers, also do not mind giving a hand with ripping.  Do not feel bashful in reaching out to them and asking for help.
Just a reminder if you have a tip you would like to share with our readers just e-mail Diana at quilt@affinityforquilts.com.  
Classes and Events
In order to provide all of our customers with the opportunity to take classes, we require payment at the time of registration.  If you need to cancel, we kindly ask for 7-day prior notification to the class date.  This allows us to offer your spot to someone on our waitlist and refund your registration fee.  Thank you for understanding this policy and happy quilting everyone.

When you sign up for a class at Affinity For Quilts you will receive information regarding the class including any required supplies needed for the class and pre-class preparations.   Make  sure to review the supply/class prep list to ensure you have everything you need for a wonderful class experience.  If you sign up and pay by phone, don't worry, we can email you all of the necessary information for a successful class experience. 

If you are interested in an event and it is full, please add your name to the waitlist.  If a spot becomes available,  we will contact the first person on the waitlist to check their availability. 
The waitlist also helps us gauge the popularity of an event and determine if we should offer it again in the future.

You can register and pay for classes in person at 2199 4th Street, White Bear Lake Minnesota, or by phone at 651-429-1039.

Laura Heine Teeny Tiny Collage Class

Join Lori for a day of fabric collage! During this all day class you will learn how to assemble one of Laura Heine's whimsical Teeny Tiny Collages. These fun projects are a great way to use up those fabric pieces that you have been saving for just the right thing. This project is it, you have found it! Our in store sample is just one of several pattern choices for this class. The results are beautiful and the possibilities are endless! 

Date:  Saturday, January 6, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Instructor: Lori Adameitz 
Class Fee: $45.00 
(Pattern sold separately)

Sashiko Club

Join our Sashiko Club! This is an instructor led open stitching group. During your time together, you will work on your own individual projects and get tips and pointers from other stitchers, and our talented instructor Tammy Berry. During each club Tammy arrives prepared to share patterns, techniques, or a project she is working on. Stitchers are welcome any time throughout the year. Join us for every session or for a few sessions as your time allows.   

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Time:  9:30pm-12:30pm
Instructor:  Tammy Berry
Class Fee:  $15.00
Open Embroidery With Sharon

Bring in your embroidery projects, or follow along with Sharon as she stitches Crabapple Hill's newest embroidery Block Of the Month Superstition.  The group will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10:00am-3:30pm.  Feel free to bring you lunch, or you can always go out and grab a bite to eat with your fellow stitching buddies at any of the great restaurants in Downtown White Bear Lake.  Sharon will be available to answer any questions you may have.  Remember to bring your Show and Tell.

Date:  Thursday, January 11, 2024
                             January 18, 2024
Time:  10:00am-3:30pm
Class Fee:  $15.00
Instructor:  Sharon Lenertz

Beginning Sashiko

Join Tammy for this 3 hour introductory class and learn the art of Sashiko.  Students will learn the Japanese running stitch embroidery, using a 12" x 12" pre-printed project that is perfect for beginner students.  This stitch method can be used in the traditional way to mend cloth items or to add texture and interest to new projects.  Tammy will share her tips, tricks and expertise as she teaches you this beautiful form of hand stitching.  Supplies are few to try this addictive hobby. 

Date:  Saturday, January 13, 2024
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Instructor: Tammy Berry
Class Fee:  $25.00

Featherweight Friends

Calling all Featherweights! Join us on the third Friday of each month for a day of sewing, sharing, and camaraderie. 

Featherweight Friends is a gathering of sewing enthusiasts who share a common passion for Singer Featherweight sewing machines. Whether you're a seasoned Featherweight owner or new to the world of these compact and iconic machines, our club welcomes all sewing skill levels. Diana, our experienced instructor, will oversee our Featherweight Friends club! This is a wonderful opportunity to connect and sew with fellow Featherweight sewing machine owners. Exchange anecdotes, discuss your latest sewing triumphs, and share your current sewing projects with a friendly community of like-minded individuals.


What to Bring:

  • Your Singer Featherweight sewing machine
  • Sewing supplies and materials for your current project
  • Any finished projects you'd like to share with the group
  • Your enthusiasm and love for sewing!

Date: Friday, January 19, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
Club Leader:  Diana Wendorf
Club Fee: $15.00

It's a Wrap!  -  Covered Cord Bowl Class

Join us  in our Corded Bowl Making class! Learn to craft colorful, round, oval, and square bowls using fabric strips and cotton clothesline with your sewing machine's zig-zag stitch. You can also make coasters and placemats using the same technique. Our reference book is "It’s a Wrap" by Susan Breier.

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2024
Time:9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Instructor: Kris Livingston, with 20+ years of sewing experience.
Class Fee:  $30.00

Midnight Open Sew

Are you looking for a fun way to spend a Friday night? Join Diana for Midnight Open Sew. Bring your current project, machine, and basic quilting supplies for 8 fun filled hours of just sewing.  This month we will be having; Garden Green Salad, Chicken Cacciatore over pasta, Bread, and Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake bars for dessert.  

New for 2024 will be a short demonstration at 5:15pm.  Continue to inspire your fellow quilters with your handiwork during Show-and-Tell, which will take place after supper.  

Date:   Friday, January 26, 2024
Time:  4:00pm-Midnight
Event Host: Diana Wendorf
Class Fee:  $25.00
Boro Sashiko

Join Tammy for the Boro  Sashiko class.  In this class you will combine your fabric scraps with Sashiko embroidery to create beautiful textile art. This is a great way for quilters to put  favorite leftover bits of fabric to use. This will be a raw edge, hand sewn project. You will learn about creating variations too! Gather your fabric scraps, scissors and embroidery supplies and begin creating using the Japanese tradition of Boro Sashiko.  No Sashiko stitching experience necessary. 

Date: Saturday, January 27,  2024
Time: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
Instructor: Tammy Berry
Class Fee: $30.00

Are you ready to spend the day quilting with friends?  Bring your own project(s) to work on and spend the day sewing!  Dinner will be served at 5pm.  This month we will be having; Garden Green Salad, Chicken Cacciatore over pasta, Bread, and Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake bars for dessert.  

New for 2024 will be a short demonstration at 3:00pm.  Continue to inspire your fellow quilters with your handiwork during Show-and-Tell, which will take place after supper.  

Date:   Sunday, January 28, 2024
Time:  1:00pm - 7:00pm 
Event Host: Diana Wendorf

Class Fee:  $25.00
Barn Quilt Block Painting Class

Join Aryn and create your own unique barn quilt design on reclaimed barn wood! Locally sourced, carefully selected, sanded and assembled. Choose from nine beautiful designs! Pick your own color scheme and relax at Affinity For Quilts in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Designs include:
1. Pinwheel
2. Flag
3. Faded Star
4. Friendship Star
5. Marigold
6. Hidden Cross
7. Blue Cross
8. Tulips
9. Pumpkin

Registration is handled by The Blue Fox and must be done using the link below.  The $50.00 class fee includes all supplies needed for the call.  Follow the link below to register: 

Date:  Saturday, February 3, 2024
Time:  1:00pm - 4:00pm
Instructor:  Aryn Lill
Class Fee:  $55.00  Follow like above to register.  Class fee includes all supplies.
Color In Quilting Lecture

Discover the wonderful world of color in quilting!  Color is an essential and often underestimated aspect of quilting, standing as a cornerstone along side fabric selection, thread choice, and the quilt pattern. 

In this lecture, you'll discover the world of  color theory and its practical application in quilting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter,  the decisions surrounding color can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. 

Understanding the fundamentals of color will demystify color principles, and how color choice directly impacts and enhances your quilt projects. Gain valuable problem-solving strategies to address common color challenges that may arise during your projects. 

Tammy's expertise in color theory will empower you to confidently diagnose and resolve color-related issues independently. By the end of this lecture, you'll have the tools to make informed and impactful color decisions in your quilting endeavors.

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Instructor:  Tammy Berry
Lecture Fee:  $25.00
Format: This event is a lecture-only session 

Jelly Roll Placemat Class

Learn all the skills needed to make the popular jelly roll rug, with less commitment of time and materials. The class time will allow you to complete a 20x15  inch mat to use at your table, under your sewing machine or as a decorative accent. Kris is an expert on making this project and will share color placement and timesaving tips for success. She will share rug samples and describe how to vary the technique to sew round and square rugs.  Enjoy watching your colorful project grow. A sewing machine with zig-zag stitch at least 5.5mm wide is required for this class.                 

Class Prep: This project requires 2 ½ ” strips. Students can use a jelly-roll or cut their own strips prior to class.

Date:  Saturday, March 2, 2024
Time:  9:30am - 1:30 pm
Instructor:  Kris Livingston
Class Fee:  $35.00
Skill Level: Beginner  
Upcoming Quilt Shows
Friday January 5, 2024, Saturday, January 6, 2024 and
Sunday January 7, 2023  9am-4pm
Quilt Show Presented by Plum Creek Quilters
Hosted by Sargent's Nursery
3352 N Service Drive, Red Wing, MN  55066
Admission $5.00

March 27th-April 19th, 2024 
Quilt Art for the Love of It

Dakota County Star Quilters' 29th Annual Quilt Show
Dakota County Historical Society Museum
130 3rd Avenue North
South Saint Paul, MN 
Special presentation and trunk show by Carol Hancuh "Growing a Voice in Quilting on Tuesday April 9th at 1:00pm and 7:00pm..  Tickets available at Evenbrite.com

Museum Hours:  Wed & Friday 9am-5pm, Thurs 9am-8pm, and Sat 10am-3pm
Suggested museum donation:  $5.00

Thank you for your continued support, you are appreciated more than words can ever express.

Stay well and happy quilting everyone.   Remember, you cannot keep a good quilter down.

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