Quilt Minnesota 2023 Diagonal Stripe Dark Taupe  Y3838-63

Quilt Minnesota 2023 Diagonal Stripe Dark Taupe Y3838-63

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Preorder your Quilt Minnesota Fabric Here!

Our process has changed slightly.

How it works this year....

The 2023 Quilt Minnesota Fabrics are on our website and ready for preorder.  Select the fabrics and quantities you would like to preorder, at a preorder price of $0.00. 

After adding all of your Quilt Minnesota 2023 items to your cart, finish the transaction at our checkout.  We will contact you for payment information.

We will process your payment beginning July 24th, 2023 and once payment is received, your order will be ready for pickup beginning July 28th, 2023 (the first day of the shop hop).

If you prefer to have your order shipped, shipping will be completed on July 27, 2023 and the cost of shipping will be as follows:

purchases equal to  $00.01 - $  20.00      will ship at a price of    $ 9.00

purchases equal to  $20.01 - $  75.00      will ship at a price of   $10.00

purchases equal to $75.01 - $125.00        will ship at a price of   $15.00

purchases equal to$125.01 & Up             will ship for free

Due to the popularity of the Quilt Minnesota fabric line, if payment has not been received for you Quilt Minnesota pre-order by August 4, 2023 we will return the product to the shop floor.   

*This is a new policy intended to ensure all pre-orders are paid for in a timely manner or be available for sale to other shop hop customers.

The prices for the fabrics are listed below:

$12.49/panel     24" Panels

$14.49/panel     36" Panel

$14.49/yard       Quilting Cotton

$39.99/roll         2 1/2" Strip Roll (31 pieces each)

$  6.99                2 1/2" Squares ( 31 pieces each)

$12.99                5" Squares (31 pieces each)

$39.99              10" Squares (31 pieces each)