Stripology Mixology Book by Gudrun Erla from GE Designs GE-514

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Book Title:  Stripology Mixology

Author: Gudrun Erla

Publisher: GE Designs

Project Type:  13 original quilts made from  a variety of precut sizes.  Stripology ruler friendly -84 pages

Book Type: Softcover

Size:  8.75" x 11"

Details:  This book includes quilts made from 10'' squares, 5'' squares, 2-1/2'' strips and 1-1/2'' strips and tips on how to make your own precuts with your fabrics at home or yardage from the store. Full color instructions for using all three Stripology rulers or regular rulers are included in the 84 page book, along with 13 delicious cocktail recipes to reward yourself with.