Countdown To Christmas by Susan Ache from Martingale B1486T

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Book Title: Countdown to Christmas

Author: Susan Ache

Publisher: Martingale

Project Type:  12 spectacular traditional quilt patterns 

Book Type:  Softcover

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Details:  Every quilter wants to decorate with Christmas quilts during the holidays--but who wants to pack them away for 11 months of the year? Best-selling author Susan Ache returns with a dozen spectacular traditional quilts for Christmas: a few spotlight tis-the-season fun and the rest can be enjoyed year-round! Softer shades of red and green suit all seasons, whether snuggling up on the couch in December, enjoying late-night campfires in June, or relaxing on the deck in October. Choose among exquisite quilts with traditional roots and lighthearted quilts that capture the magic of the season. When Christmas rolls around again, any of them can take center stage.